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A Girlfriend experience (GFE) is a date that goes beyond physical and skin. It is not about going out with Kolkata Call girls, going somewhere and being intimate, it is about enjoying the present moment with her as if she were your girlfriend.

It includes all the aspects and sensations that accompany a date, a getaway or a trip with an elegant, discreet, sexy girlfriend with pampering and passion included. Do you want to feel the nerves again before a date, play again, seduce and feel seduced? Do you prefer to taste the moments of passion and desire prior to sex? This experience has a much more intense meaning than carnal pleasure.

The girls at Kolkata are not Call girl girls similar to those you can find by other means. We are a group of student friends, who want to live with you a real, youthful experience, full of desires, laughter and mutual pleasures. Live that weekend getaway, vacation, romantic dinner or stroll through some discreet place hand in hand before succumbing to the greatest desires.

GFE is a service built into kolkata to make you feel really special. An appointment that can last one day, several or a week of vacations with her.

Remember that we are discreet Call girl girls, students, with a high cultural level and with skills to adapt to your needs and to different situations and personalities.

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When it comes to having male clients it's never difficult to pleasure them unlike women, but that's another matter!

To give a man the best orgasm ever, you just need to keep in mind that you need to cause him these three sensations: desire , excitement and the grand finale, an orgasm he will never forget.

If you really want to make your customer want, look for as much information as possible about their tastes. The best way to do it? When your client gets in touch with you to ask you for information to arrange the meeting, make him a small survey, not so that he feels interrogated but so that you can get to know his tastes, desires and sexual fetishes better!

Always remember that the best way to attract customers is when they are satisfied with the service provided and above all, know what they are looking for! If you manage to make him desire, then you can be sure that more than half of the work is done, but if you want to improve your service.

As mentioned above, when booking your sexual session ask her what she is looking for, what type of lingerie she prefers, high heels, sex and sexual positions that she likes the most. Believe that the interest you show in your client will be an asset to you.

And don't be fooled, the fact that you ask him all this will still make him start fantasizing about what is going to happen, so adding excitement to that equation is definitely always an asset for you!

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Well, this week has been stressful for several personal reasons, however, one of the things that annoyed me the most was 2 potential clients (both were rejected) who thought they could make a fool of me.

Taking into account my experience in this field, I work with at least 50% of the payment in advance (because I have already been burning with some money from a few clients).

It is important to point out that I have several service packages with very different prices, this is because the working hours are different, as are the clients' plans.

For example, services can vary between 1000 and 50,000 (the first being an escort service to a dinner or meeting and the last a full 24-hour service).

As you can imagine, a base service obviously does not include sex or fantasy fulfillment . But guess what? These two clients thought they were cheating on me and getting sex on the cheap.

So what did these two smart guys try to do. Well, they bought the basic service for a dinner in a luxury hotel and expressly asked for the dinner to be served in the room (which is not strange since many customers prefer to remain anonymous while enjoying my services).

Dinner went beautifully, but after that when I was about to leave they started saying that they had bought a pack that included sex and fantasy fulfillment .

At first I found it strange because I didn't remember having received this type of request (especially with two men at the same time).

Then I remembered that I had received two orders for the base pack and that their names were the two customers in front of me (and who had only paid half of the pack each).

Of course, I was as polite as possible as they tried to force me to get into bed with them.

Of course, what they really wanted were women for cheap sex (since I later found out they had tried to trick another of my colleagues).

The problem is that none of them knew that I took self-defense classes and I knew how to defend myself quite well (even in a tight dress and high heels).

They both ended up with at least a bump on their head and a black eye. I lost €500 that night, but I definitely didn't lose my dignity.

If men are looking for women for sex and don't want to pay too much , get a prostitute or spend the night in a brothel! Now don't try to make fools of us... We are much smarter than men think...

Call Girl Monica Review about Kolkata

I passed the girl stage a long time ago. I have a good life, full of ups and downs, with some moments that could easily have made me a regular client of a psychiatrist. But that's not how I work, I chose quality of life and now I have the luxury of enjoying life at a different pace. I'm active and I know my potential as a woman, I don't just stick with words, I prefer attitudes.